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‘Amazing joy’ as Chibok schoolgirl is reunited with family in Nigeria

Yakubu Nkekis elation at satisfying his niece tempered by issue over when households of other 81 women released by Boko Haram will see their children

The uncle of among the 82 Chibok schoolgirls launched today explained his fantastic delight after being reunited with his niece, who has actually been cooped by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram for 3 years.

Today is a terrific day, stated Yakubu Nkeki on Monday night. I saw the ladies and Maimuna. She ran and got me and began weeping when she saw me. I was so overloaded.

Nkeki, the chairman for the Chibok moms and dads group and a main school instructor who taught much of the schoolgirls, invested 3 hours with his niece Maimuna Usman, 20, and the other 81 previous Boko Haram slaves in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, where they have actually been kept considering that their unanticipated release on Sunday.

I was so delighted to see her therefore relieved that she looked fine, no scars or injuries on her body. She looked well kept. I cant explain it. When other moms and dads would be enabled to see their children and for the health and wellbeing of the women and ladies, #peeee

But his happiness was tempered by issues over. When the households can satisfy their children, #peeee

Nkeki is to satisfy the minister of womens affairs on Tuesday to talk about.

The ladies and ladies, who were amongst the 276 mainly Christian schoolgirls took from their dorms in April 2014 , triggering a worldwide protest, were launched last Sunday in exchange for 5 militant leaders, following months of settlement by individuals throughout 2 continents.

The households stated their release provided hope that others would quickly be released.

The ladies will invest 5 to 7 days going through mental and medical tests. Nkeki stated just he had actually had the ability to see the women, although some moms and dads had actually spoken with their children by phone. He stated that when a few of the schoolgirls were launched in October 2016 , I shared the pleasure with other moms and dads however with faith that we would get her too. Now as I commemorate with other moms and dads I can see that my own niece is here.

He stated the moms and dads of the other 81 ladies were hoping they would have the ability to see them quickly. They desire them to get all the care from the medical personnel however they likewise wish to be reunited with them as quickly as they can. When this will be possible, were waiting on the federal government to let us understand.

He mored than happy the federal government had actually assisted the ladies, he stated, however included that a number of the loved ones had actually gone through hell in the last couple of years and required assistance.

Presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu stated the federal government was working to validate the identities of the ladies, in order to reunite them with their households as quickly as possible. A list of names was released last Sunday and photos of them have actually been sent out to the remote town of Chibok for cross-checking.

When we had the very first 21, due to the fact that of resemblances in names, more than 2, 3 sets of moms and dads concerned Abuja. We do not desire to produce that confusion, Shehu informed Agence France-Presse. When they understand, they see them and confirm, then they come on board to Abuja to see their children.

Shehu stated he hoped the confirmation procedure would be concluded quickly, and guaranteed: The federal government will not stop any moms and dads from right away communicating with their children.

He likewise informed the regional TELEVISION station that a person of the schoolgirls amongst a group of 83 that Boko Haram had actually consented to launch had actually chosen not to return due to the fact that she had actually wed a militant fighter.

The Nigerian federal government has actually been criticised formerly for the length of time it has actually considered previous captives to be reunited with their households.

Twenty-one of the ladies schoolmates were released in October. They are being kept in Abuja, seemingly for education. In December, the moms and dads of those ladies were informed by the federal government that they might not take their kids back to Chibok, 500 miles (800km) away, since of the security circumstance. The households stated this had actually enhanced, and the young ladies were anticipated to return house.

Another moms and dad, whose child was not on the list, informed the Guardian the release had actually brought him hope that his own kid would quickly be complimentary.

He stated: I rejoice with the moms and dads due to the fact that I comprehend exactly what they are going through. It has actually been tough to choose 3 years without hearing or seeing from your kid. Seeing other individuals happiness makes me more enthusiastic that quickly the federal government will save her too.

The release offer was worked out by Mustapha Zanna, as soon as the attorney of Mohammed Yusuf, the creator of Boko Haram. The women were gotten in Red Cross lorries and required to Abuja in military helicopters, where they were fulfilled by Nigerias president, Muhammadu Buhari.

More than 100 of the women stay in Boko Harams hands together with numerous other females and kids, a few of whom have actually been required by the militants to bring bombs to hectic locations and to eliminate themselves and civilians. The Chibok women reached global attention when the hashtag #bringbackourgirls was promoted by Michelle Obama and other celebs.

Manasseh Allen, an advocate for the Bring Back Our Girls group, stated: Reaching the moms and dads has actually been hard since they reside in remote locations, so often we need to call somebody who then discovers a few of the moms and dads personally. The federal government and the moms and dads likewise wish to leave area for the women to have a debrief, which theyre having from time to time medical tests and evaluations.

A spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross, which served as a neutral intermediary and arranged the transport of the ladies and girls to liberty, stated their personal privacy must be appreciated and they ought to be offered assistance.

For their own wellness, we are promoting the ladies need to be provided personal privacy. They are going to require a great deal of assistance for them to reintegrate into the neighborhood.

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