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Arie Luyendyk Jr. Allegedly Bangs Teenage Sorority Girls

Attention Bachelor Nation: this dumpster fire of a franchise keeps presenting struck after hit in regards to their latest option for Bachelor, a man they discovered behind the dumpster in a Starbucks parking area Arie Luyendyk Jr.

. Will I ever find out ways to spell that name without Googling it? Never. Why? Since Wells Fucking Adams would have been a lot simpler to spell, and a lot more satisfying to view.

Anyhow, after ABC revealed the brand-new Bachelor recently, the web jointly lost its shit. Regardless of the lies Mike Fleiss has actually been pitching on Twitter, this was NOT the most favorable response they’ ve ever needed to revealing a brand-new Bachelor. Even thinking about human turtle neck Nick Viall, it may be one of the worst.

I indicate, take a look at this man. He’ s a strongly airbrushed J.D. from. This photo is at least 6 years of ages. He’ s not Peter Kraus. Oh, and he presumably fucks teenage sorority ladies

Yikes. Inning accordance with a Reddit thread published by Reality Steve , the male who has actually gotten my hopes up just to squash them time and time once again, Arie and his pal Jef Holm, the winner to Arie’ s runner-up on Emily Maynard’ s season of, utilized to invest a significant quantity of time trolling sorority homes in Phoenix and banging numerous 18-year-old ladies. This may be satisfactory, albeit trashy, habits if Arie was likewise 18 at the time …. He was 30.

This alone is great chatter, however since this is Bachelor Nation, the plot thickens.

Jef has actually spoken up versus these allegations, declaring that he never ever often visited any sorority homes and cut off his relationship with Arie since he’ s “ revolting. ” What does it consider a person called Jef who spells his name with one F to call you revolting? Oh I wear’ t understand, most likely being a totally grown male who fucks teenage women.

It’ s just Tuesday and Arie’s very first Bachelor discount dropped last night, which indicates we’ ll most likely be swamped with about 25 more stories about Arie’ s sexual orientations and basic defects prior to the week is done. Here’ s hoping among the slighted sorority women speaks up. Don’ t let us down, Phoenix.

There is just one silver fox Bachelor Nation will accept, and he’s hectic running bootcamps in Madison, WI and all at once offering me a need to inspect Instagram stories. RIP Peter, you was worthy of the world. Please respond to my Venmo. K thanks.

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