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Christopher Hayes wakes from nap, apparently unaware of long-standing ‘pure culture war’ against NRA

the NRA had actually caused Dana Loesch as a main representative , which was welcome news to a great deal of conservatives. As we stated then, “Conservatives understand their concepts are sound, however we likewise understand the aggravation of enjoying a great deal of conservative leaders go to pieces when it concerns articulating and protecting those concepts in the freely controlled media not an interest in Loesch doing the talking.” It didn’t even take up until August when that declaration showed real, as the NRA lastly had a voice reluctant to stand quietly while progressives taken part in a full-on culture war versus obedient weapon owners. Unused to resistance, anti-gun groups like the Women’s March discovered no option however to make outrageous claims, like Loesch’s NRA area was “a direct recommendation of violence.”

Like lots of reporters who cruised through the Obama years, MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes appears to have actually awakened just recently and just now seen the NRA beginning to combat fire with fire.

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