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Donald Trump’s Diet Coke Obsession Is The Only Relatable Thing About Him

A current short article in the stopping working reported that thicc boi Donnie Trump beverages 12 diet plan cokes a day, and it truthfully may be the most terrible news we’ ve heard all year, since we can absolutely relate. Does this mean we need to pull a Kendall and begin consuming Pepsi? Ugh.

We absolutely get that Diet Coke is an important part of a well balanced diet plan, however if you keep in mind, The Hamburglar President of the United States likewise takes in 2,500 calories worth of McDonalds every day. We can just presume he opts for Diet Coke over Coca-Cola since he’ s plainly on an all carbohydrate diet plan and sweatpants are all that fit him today.

The finest part is that Trump actually summons his valuable Diet Cokes while he enjoys TELEVISION by pushing a button that signals his personnel, so he doesn’ t need to get up from jerking off to enjoying. I imply, I call a bell everytime I desire my partner to bring me a vodka soda, however I a minimum of offer him the privelege of dating me in return. The only thing Trump needs to use anybody is the headache of his presence. To be reasonable, getting another person to be his individual shipment service need to be the only method he’ s able to even have time to consume 12 Diet Cokes a day. When and provided up after 3 and simply changed to wine, I attempted to consume the advised day-to-day 8 glasses of water. Props to The Prez for his endurance. , if just he had that very same kind of dedication to not being the most significant asshole in America..

As you can picture, twelve cans of Diet Coke is even more than the day-to-day advised quantity of caffeine each day. That quantity of aspartame, together with his shmorgasborg of Big Macs and Fillets-O-Fish, can’ t benefit Trump’ s heart and is ideally eliminating him gradually. Unfortunate!

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