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Here’s what really scares Donald Trump

(CNN)In this fantastic New York Times piece on Donald Trump in the White House , one line stuck out to me as definitely crucial to comprehending how the 45th President of the United States approaches the task.

There’s a lot to unload there.
Start with that TELEVISION is the frame through which Trump sees not just his presidency however his wider life. It matters if something or somebody is on TELEVISION. If not, then not. The formula for Trump is that easy.

    Go back and check out that sentence from the Times’ piece. “Before taking workplace, Mr. Trump informed leading assistants to think about each governmental day as an episode in a tv program in which he beats competitors.” (Italics are mine.)

    The secret for Trump is to win the day in the eyes of individuals enjoying on TELEVISION. It’s more than that. It’s likewise to overcome his political opponents. To be viewed as the victor, the goon, the winner. It’s like he sees the presidency as an everyday singing competitors where he constantly wishes to win individuals’s vote.
    What’s crucial about Trump’s view of the presidency is that winning a cable television news cycle– or an everyday singing competitors– is, at best, a method. It’s absolutely nothing near to a technique.
    Which jibes with the problem that emerges at any time somebody attempts to put a narrative arc on this presidency. There actually isn’t really one. The secret strategy is that there is clear strategy . Trump responds and acts in genuine time with a really short-term objective: Win the minute.
    Being spoken about suffices. As long as he is a topic of the nationwide discussion, Trump matters. (Witness Trump’s persistence that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States)
    And, in Trump’s world, mattering is the only thing that matters. Death for him is not mattering.

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