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Jimmy Kimmel slams the GOP’s plan to avoid a government shutdown

As Washington D.C. legislators effort to pass a costs by Friday’s due date and prevent a federal government shutdown, Jimmy Kimmel dealt with the contents of the GOP strategy, comparing parts of it to “one huge bag of horse shit.”

Kimmel’s greatest problem: the addition of CHIP , a healthcare program for kids from low-income households. Throughout his Thursday monologue, the late night host argued that continued financing for the healthcare program ought to have been voted on and authorized independently instead of lumped in with other more partisan propositions, such as increased financing for the military .

From Kimmel:

“All Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell needed to do is put it up for a vote and it would have been a done offer, however they chose to utilize it as a bargaining tool rather, so now we’re on the edge of the entire federal government closing down.”

In the previous year, Kimmel’s utilized his platform to rally for budget friendly healthcare, typically illustration from his own experiences as a daddy of an ill kid to boost his arguments. In December, he took a week off from his program to be with his young child Billy, who just recently went through heart surgical treatment.

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