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Kellyanne Conway blames Kirsten Gillibrand for protecting Bill Clintonthere’s just one problem

Less than 24 hours after President Donald Trump sent out an incendiary tweet casting doubt on the domestic violence claims versus just recently resigned personnel secretary Rob Porter , White House therapist Kellyanne Conway required to the airwaves to run troubleshooting. And in doing so, she declared something flat-out incorrect about Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand , including another entry to the long list of deceptive and incorrect claims she’ s made in cable television news interviews.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted that “ Peoples lives are being shattered and damaged by a simple accusation, ” an evident reaction to Porter’ s resignation.

The tweet generated a sharp action from Gillibrand , who responded that Trump “ has actually revealed through words and actions that he doesn ’ t worth females, ” and recommended that if he “ desires due procedure for the over lots sexual attack claims versus him, let ’ s have Congressional hearings

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