/Lil Nas X Explains Why He Came Out While He Was ‘At The Top’

Lil Nas X Explains Why He Came Out While He Was ‘At The Top’

Lil Nas X opened about why he came out when he did on WorldPride day previously this year, discussing on a current episode of an HBO talk program that he matured disliking homosexuality and wished to alter that for others.

On Tuesday, HBO aired an episode of “ The Shop: Uninterrupted ” including the artist along with Maverick Carter, Kevin Hart, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Love, CJ McCollum, Charlamagne tha God and Paul Rivera. In a clip that has actually because gone viral on Twitter, McCollum asked the “ Old Town Road ” vocalist why he came out when he did.

Hart then inserted mid-question to state, “ He stated he was gay!What! ”

The 20-year-old stated, “ It ’ s not like I was being required.It ’ s much like understanding maturing, I’ m maturing to dislike this shit. I’ m not expected ” Hart disrupted once again to ask, “ Hate what? Why? Why are you maturing to dislike?”

“ Homosexuality, gay individuals, ” stated Lil Nas X, prior to specifically stating to Hart, “ Come on now, if you’ re truly from the hood you understand.”

The Georgia native went on to state that he saw it like this: “ If for me, the ‘ cool guy with the tune on top of whatever, ’ to state this at any other time, I’ m doing this for attention … But if you’ re doing this while you’ re at the top, you understand it’ s genuine. It ’ s revealing it doesn ’ t truly matter, I think.”

Many on Twitter berated Hart for his outburst throughout the exchange, due to the fact that of his own history of anti-gay jokes and tweets. Lots of particularly implicated the comic of gaslighting Lil Nas X: