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Pete Souza abandons Instagram to take down Trump on Twitter

Image: alex wong/Getty Images

Hold Pete Souza’s beer and electronic camera America.

The previous Obama White House professional photographer is so fed up with Donald Trump’s habits that he deserted his main medium of trolling, Instagram, to attract an audience more acquainted with Trump’s outrageous shenanigans: Twitter.

On Friday early morning Souza published a tweet worrying Twitter’s harassment policy , particularly publishing a screenshot of the area that information how violent habits, such as hazards of violence, will not be endured.

Though the professional photographer never ever pointed out Trump by name, after the president’s early morning tweet about North Korea, we can most likely presume he’s the subtweet target.

Trump horrified the world on Tuesday by providing a spoken caution to Kim Jong-Un and North Korea, discussing if the nation takes military action versus the United States, “They will be met fire and fury like the world has actually never ever seen.”

Since then, North Korea provided a risk versus Guam and Trump made another declaration hypothesizing that maybe his preliminary declaration “wasnt hard enough.”

Several hours prior to Souza’s post, Trump tweeted another hazard to North Korea, ensuring Kim Jong Un America is all set to eliminate with weapons “locked and filled,” which sounds a lot like a violent danger. Exactly what do you believe, Jack ?

In Souza’s tweet, he just composed, “Cmon Twitter. It’s time …” advising fans to report Trump’s habits. It’s definitely not the very first time Twitter users have called for a Trump restriction .

Souza is understood for regularly speaking up versus Trump’s actions through Instagram posts , typically sharing pictures he took of Obama throughout his time in the White House to compare the 2 leaders. He’s no complete stranger to tossing social networks shade, however up previously he’s been quite quiet about Trump on Twitter.

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