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The Post-Presidential Good Life: Barack Obama Has Been Hanging Out With Chris Kattan Nearly Nonstop Since Leaving Office

After 8 years in the White House, Barack Obama lastly has a long time to unwind, and it appears like he’ s devoted to loosening up in design. Since leaving workplace in January, President Obama has actually been living the post-presidential excellent life by hanging out continuously with Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan!

Wow, it appears like President Obama is formally on 24/7 Kattan time, infant!

Sitting presidents put on’ t get to have quite enjoyable, now that Barack Obama is a civilian, he’ s making the most of his newly found free time by investing almost every minute of his life hanging out and living it up with Chris Kattan. From the minute the sun increases till the minute the sun sets, Obama and Kattan can be discovered viewing films, playing computer game, triggering fireworks in Kattan’ s yard, or hanging out on the side of the highway tossing rocks at passing cars and trucks. The only time Obama is not socializing with Chris Kattan is when he’ s asleep. It ’ s amazing to see President Obama lastly get to let go and unwind with Chris Kattan without the everyday pressures of the Oval Office to weigh him down!

And while you may believe that costs actually every second of his waking life socializing with Chris Kattan would imply that President Obama has no time at all to invest with his spouse and children, that couldn’ t be even more from the reality! Barack and Kattan sign up with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia for a household supper practically every weekend! It’ s genuinely the very best of both worlds!

We’ re so fired up that Barack Obama is lastly getting the post-presidential life of relaxation he is worthy of! Ideally the previous POTUS has a lot more exciting days not doing anything however socializing with Chris Kattan to anticipate. Congratulations on living the great life, President Obama, and inform Chris Kattan we stated hey there!

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