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Watch ‘Fox & Friends’ Struggle With News That Trump Tried To Fire Mueller

Faced with brand-new reports harming to their top-billed audience, the hosts of “ Fox &Friends ” chose to go an odd path Friday early morning: presume their audience isn ’ t interested.

A New York Times report released late Thursday and rapidly verified by Fox News and other media stated President Donald Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June, declaring disputes of interest in the examination of Russian disturbance in the 2016 election. Trump withdrawed after White House counsel Donald McGahn threatened to give up, stating the shooting would have a “ disastrous ” result, the Times reported.

“ It ’ s something we need to inform you about since it is a heading in The New York Times, ” co-host Ainsley Earhardt stated on “ Fox &Friends ” prior to dismissing the news.

“ What do you consider that? Do ya even care? ” she asked.

Earhardt and her co-hosts didn ’ t reference that their own network validated the report. Rather, they instantly drew out video revealing Trump rejecting the story.

“ Fake news, folks, phony news. Normal New York Times phony newspaper article, ” the president, a widely known fan of “ Fox &Friends, ” stated from Davos, Switzerland.

Co-host Pete Hegseth stated the story “ screams of a leakage from the unique counsel. ”

Fox ’ s Sean Hannity hadthe exact same issue on his program when the story broke Thursday night.

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